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4moms is best known for their high tech baby gear that are designed to make life easier for the parents. Some of their more well known products include the likes of Origami Stroller, a baby stroller that folds by itself with the touch of a button, and the MamaRoo, an automatic baby bouncer. Their latest product is the 4moms High Chair and as with their previous products, it is obvious that 4moms have done their homework to determine what makes a great high chair.

Clearly from their advertising, the biggest selling feature of the 4moms High Chair is the magnetic tray. If you have struggled to slide in the tray on a high chair, the easy snap-on magnetic tray is god-sent. It literally takes just a second to securely attach the tray. 4moms get top marks for this feature and they have come up with an excellent solution for an age-old problem.

However, there is a lot more to the 4moms High Chair that makes it great besides the magnetic tray. The magnetic tray works great with the set of magnetic feeding bowls and utensils from 4moms. They help to prevent messy accidents during feeding time. Think of all the time you will save from not having to clean up the mess left behind by a fallen bowl of baby food. The magnetic tray also makes it real easy to remove the tray with all the eating apparatus sitting securely.

Another thoughtful design feature is that the detachable tray lies flat. This is a welcome change from trays that have a crotch bar at the bottom that prevents you from laying it down without first clearing everything from the tray. Yet another great feature is that the tray liner is removable plus it is dishwasher safe. That makes cleaning up a whole lot less time consuming.

And speaking of cleaning up, there is no difficult to clean fabric or vinyl seat cushion. The seat is made entirely out of easy to clean foam and it is removable and washable. All you really need is a quick wipe down after a meal but if you really want, you can take the entire high chair out and hose it down. The restraining straps are equally easy to remove and clean.

The 4moms High Chair’s height is adjustable to 3 different positions. One important feature that the high chair lacks is that it is not foldable. However, at the lowest height adjustment, it is low enough to slide under most dining tables to be out of the way.
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