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Almost every kid loves a shoulder ride. What is there not to like? They get a great view sitting comfortably way up on the shoulders while daddy does all the work. To make shoulder rides a little more comfortable for the poor dad and much safer for junior, we now have the SaddleBaby.

The SaddleBaby is a child carrier that is designed specifically for giving shoulder rides. The great part about this kid carrier is that it allows the adult to be hands-free. Your hands are now free to carry stuff, hold the hands of another child, take a drink from a water bottle, use a camera or a phone. This also means that you won’t require a stroller and you can go to places that are not accessible with a stroller. Trips to theme parks, zoos, the park, shopping and all kinds of family outings is a whole new experience with the SaddleBaby.

As for the child, the SaddleBaby comes with a cushioned seat made from polyurethane foam which is whole lot more comfortable than daddy’s shoulders. The young one’s ankles are strapped to the chest strap that are secured to the adult using ankle cuffs. There is absolutely no danger of the child falling off your shoulders.

The carrier weighs about 3 lbs. It is designed for toddlers and preschoolers between the ages of 2 to 5 years. The chest straps and saddle mounting use adjustable buckles and Velcro thus can fit most adult sizes. Although we referenced to dad as the pack mule child carrier in the examples above, the device is actually unisex and can be used by both mom or dad.

The SaddleBaby is a safe and fun way for you and your child to bond together.
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