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4Moms MamaRoo

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Do you have a baby that refuses to go to sleep or starts wailing when laid down on the baby cot? Does the baby promptly goes to sleep when swayed in your arms or while riding in the car or in the stroller? Most babies prefer gently swaying motions that helps them relax and fall asleep. The 4Moms MamaRoo replicates those swaying movements to help calm your baby and put the baby to sleep.

Alternatively, the rocking motions of the 4Moms MamaRoo can be speeded up for play time. For safety, the MamaRoo has locking bar to ensure the baby is secure even during faster movements. Altogether, there are 5 speeds and 5 unique swaying motions – Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock-A-Bye and Ocean Wave. If the swaying motions are not enough, the 4Moms MamaRoo can play 5 different soothing nature sounds. If you prefer to play the baby’s favorite tines instead, you can hook up your music player directly to the MamaRoo.

The designers of the MamaRoo has done extensive research in order to replicate the swaying motions of moms and dads carrying their babies. Bouncy seats and swings have very different movements and therefore do not work as well as the MamaRoo. With the 5 different motions and speeds, you will no doubt find a combination that most suited for your baby.

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Babies love to bounce and sway, and that's what the mamaRoo does. It moves like you do. The mamaRoo is meant for babies from birth to 25 lbs (usually about 6 months), or until they start to sit up unassisted.

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