Family Travel Just Got Easier


Flying with little ones can be hassle. You have to manage your luggage, the stroller plus all the other travel necessities. Furthermore, when you arrive at your destination, you have to wait for the stroller. Some airports won’t even let you check-in your stroller at the gate. With the  Ride-On Carry-On Travel Child Seat, traveling with young children just got a whole lot easier.

Not surprisingly, the Ride-On Carry-On Travel Child Seat is designed by a flight attendant mom. It is a simple contraption that installs on any carry-on luggage 18-22 inches tall in just seconds. Removing it is just as easy. Or you can just leave it attached to your luggage as it folds flat, ready to be used at your destination. The luggage with the Ride-On Carry-On folded down will fit just fine in the overhead luggage compartment on under the seat.

Kids just love riding on the Ride-On Carry-On Travel Child Seat. The head rest can also be flipped over and double up as a handy tray table.

It doesn’t look like much but the Ride-On Carry-On can fit children from 8 months right up to 5 years or weighing up to 40 lbs.



Where to Buy Ride-On Carry-On Travel Child Seat


Ride-On Carry-On Travel Child Seat

Ride-On Carry-On Travel Child Seat installs or removes in just seconds. Universal fit on carry-on luggage 18-22 inches tall. Folds flat to fit in the overhead or under the seat.

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