Whether you love cooking or if you know someone who loves cooking, any chef would appreciate any of these 12 great tools and gadgets that we picked on this list. These tools either simplify time consuming tasks or adds functionality to existing common tools. They help make cooking less of a chore and a much more enjoyable task.

#1 Sagaform Pasta Server

Stainless Steel Sagaform Pasta Server

The Sagaform Pasta Server is a 3-in-1 tool that is specifically made for cooking tool. With this one tool, you can measure pasta for 2 people, scooping and draining the cooked pasta from the pot and it can be used as a cheese grater for that final touch. Instead of having multiple tools, you can use just one and save time on cleaning afterwards.

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#2 Watanabe Self-stirring Pot

Watanabe Self-stirring Pot

The Watanabe Self-stirring Pot as the name suggests is a pot that stirs on its own. This means that you can attend to other tasks and you don’t have to worry about continuously stirring your pot. The wonderful part about the pot is that the self stirring mechanism requires no power or moving mechanical parts. It uses thermodynamics to create the stirring effect.

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#3 Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus

Rolling out a piece of dough to the correct thickness is not a simple task. If you get it too thin, you’ll have to start all over again. To prevent wasting time on getting it wrong, use the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus instead. This rolling pin has special spacer wheels to makes sure that you get the right thickness the first time, every time.

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#4 Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain

Chef's Planet Clip & Drain

With the Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain, you can cook your pasta, vegetables, eggs or anything else that requires draining and then just drain directly from the pot without the need of a separate strainer. The Clip & Drain itself is made from heat resistant soft silicone that molds itself to fit to almost any pot lid while a stainless steel clamp makes sure that it stays in place as you pour out the water.

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#5 The Smart Kitchen Press Measure Vinegar & Oil Bottle

The Smart Kitchen Press Measure Vinegar & Oil Bottle

Measuring oil and vinegar is always a messy task at best. You usually don’t need much and you end up with a lot of wastage and a difficult cleaning job with multiple containers for measuring and storing the measured quantities. The Smart Kitchen Press Measure Bottle comes with an integrated measuring mechanism. Just use the handy button pump to pump up the exact quantity that you need and then pour into your recipe. Quick and no mess to clean up after.

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#6 Thermoworks ChefAlarm

Thermoworks ChefAlarm

The Thermoworks ChefAlarm is actually a commercial standard cooking alarm and as expected it has many advanced features that normal cooking alarms do not. The temperature probe on the ChefAlarm is more accurate, faster and can withstand temperatures of up to 572°F. It has both a high and low alarm making it ideal for grilling steaks as well as making yogurt. Just set the alarm and you can free yourself for other tasks instead of constantly watching a piece of grilling meat while assured that an alarm will sound once the set temperature has been reached.

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#7 Microplane Herb Mill

Microplane Herb Mill

The Microplane Herb Mill finely chops herbs by just twisting a handle, just like a pepper or salt mill. Just place fresh parsley, cilantro, dill, sage and mint into the mill and let the dual-action stainless-steel scissor blades do all the work. No more chopping boards and knives. Balance herbs can just be kept in the mill and left in the refrigerator for the next time you need more chopped herbs.

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#8 Sur La Table Slice and Dice Garlic Press

Sur La Table Slice and Dice Garlic Press

The fastest way to slice, dice, grate, mince and store garlic is by using the Sur La Table Slice and Dice Garlic Press. Just open the cover, pop the garlic bulbs on top of the Slice and Dice and then press down the cover. With two different blade sizes for dicing and mincing, chopping garlic is now both quick, easy and odor free.

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#9 Toss and Chop Salad Tongs

Toss and Chop Salad Tongs

One way to save on time is to multi-task. The Toss and Chop Salad Tongs lets you do just that when preparing a salad. Instead of spending time chopping and slicing all your salad ingredients, why not just toss all your ingredients into the salad bowl and then use the Toss and Chop Salad Tongs to toss and slice at the same time? Tossing salad is now so much time, you can probably even delegate this to one of your kids thus freeing up even more time for you.

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#10 Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks

Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks

The Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks are a great way to keep onions, garlic, potatoes and other root vegetables easily accessible while making sure that you practice first in, first out when selecting your vegetables. The sacks keep out sunlight and prevents sprouting and thus last longer. Just hang them and easily reach out for the vegetables when you need them.

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#11 Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

With the Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden, having access to fresh herbs no longer mean having to run to the store every time you need them. The Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden lets you can grow your very own fresh herb garden right on your kitchen counter. The kit comes with everything that you need to grow and maintain a garden that produces fresh herbs all year round. Literally, all you need to do is just add water and turn on the power.

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#12 Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press

Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press

With the Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press, you can now make burger patties at the correct thickness and size. The spring loaded compression system makes sure that the amount of pressure applied is just nice so that you don’t get patties that fall apart when you grill them or are too tough because they are over-compressed. With the Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press, you can churn out dozens of patties for a big sized party without breaking a sweat.

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