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Folding chairs are of course nothing new. They take up minimal space and are easy to transport and set up. Most homes have a few kept somewhere in case of extra guests. However, folding chairs are ugly and not very comfortable. That is why we only use them when there is a need. The Flux Chair on the other hand is a collapsible designer chair that looks so good and is so comfortable, you may just want to use them permanently.

The Flux Chair is a remarkable work of engineering and design. It is constructed out of a single piece of completely recyclable polypropylene plastic. When folded flat, it looks like a large artist folio complete with a handle for easy transport. But with just three easy steps and about 10 seconds, it unfolds into a beautiful designer chair that looks stunning both indoors and outdoors.

While folding plastic chairs have been around for ages, none have the look and curves of the Flux Chair. It is hard to imagine how a chair that folds flat can have all the curved fold lines. What is even more amazing is the fact that it folds so flat that a stack of 21 Flux Chairs is only 1 foot high. Each chair weighs about 10 lbs and it is available in a variety of stunning colors.

Normal folding chairs are usually not very sturdy but the Flux Chair is sturdy enough to support up to 352 lbs. Not only can you sit on it, you can stand on it and use it as a step stool if necessary. You can even safely jump on it. The chair also comes in a smaller junior version that is designed for children. The chair design is sturdy, hardy and most importantly safe enough to be used in a children’s environment.

While the Flux Chair is much more comfortable to sit on compared to a normal folding chair due to the curved surface, you can make it even more comfortable by adding a chair pad.
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