Pasta is the favorite of many and it is one of the easiest meals to cook. Now, you can make your pasta cooking task even simpler with the Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain. The Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain is a simple silicon enclosed water drainer that clamps to just about any pasta cooking pot.  The clamp itself is made from stainless steel and it keeps the Clip & Drain securely in place. The filter itself is made from flexible silicon and it molds itself to the shape of the pot edge. It can most small to medium sized pots.

Just boil your pasta as you normally would and then clamp on the Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain to the pot once the pasta is done. Just gently pour out the water and you are done. There is no need for a strainer or a colander and there is no need for a special pasta pot. The Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain is an ideal gadget for cooking small portions of pasta quickly and minimal fuss. It is also not limited to just cooking pasta. You can use it for cooking vegetables or boiling eggs. As the holes on the Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain are quite small, you can even use it for straining stock.

The Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain is available in 3 different colors – Red, Black and White.

Where to Buy Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain


Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain

This clever gadget transforms virtually any pot or pan into a strainer. Drain pastas, veggies, meat and more without the hassle of pulling out a bulky colander. Easy-to-attach strainer clips securely to the side of the pot or pan and stays in place while draining. Fits most pots and pans.

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