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What is shaped like a rather large neon highlighter and lets you leave a mark on your cuisine? It is the quite “pun-ny” Mark-Eat, a one-of-a-kind basting brush that is designed by Design Awarded Studio OTOTO.

The Mark-Eat basting brush may look like a novelty item. You know, the ones that you give away or receive as a joke item. Most of them are not really that useful and probably end up lost in a kitchen drawer somewhere. Surprisingly, the Mark-Eat is actually quite functional as a basting brush. This is thanks to the liquid reservoir inside the body of the brush.

We have used basting brushes with a reservoir before but these usually require filling up before use. This is sometimes a rather messy process. The Mark-Eat on the other hand has a squeeze bottle type reservoir. To fill it up, just squeeze the bottle, dip into the basting liquid like oils, marinades and sauces, and then release the pressure to suck the liquid into the reservoir liek a pump.

To use, just lightly squeeze the bottle as you lightly brush across whatever you are grilling or roasting. The Mark-Eat has other uses as well such as a decorative brush for sauce plating. It can also be used as a pastry brush. By controlling the pressure on the squeeze bottle, it gives you more control compared to using a normal brush.

The Mark-Eat basting brush is made from 100% food safe, BPA free silicone and plastic. To clean, just toss it into the dishwasher. Available in three different colors.
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