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GlovEasy – The Ultimate Cleaning Gloves

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GlovEasy is like the dish cleaner version of Edward Scissorhands. Why bother with additional tools when your hands can become the ultimate tool?

Doing the dishes is understandably a tedious task that just has to be done. With GlovEasy, doing the dishes is easier and maybe even much more fun. GlovEasy combines three of the most common cleaning tools in one glove. It combines the latex gloves that protect your hands, and scouring pads and sponge strips that are attached to the fingers of one of the gloves.

GlovEasy turns you into one lean, mean, dish cleaning machine. In fact washing dishes now look like a such a fun activity that even your kids will be offering to wash the dishes for you.

GlovEasy Cleaning Glove

The GlovEasy offers ease of use. For light to medium stains and highly polished surfaces, use the sponge strips. For tough stains, make a fist and scour. Use a disinfectant liquid as sanitizer. With this all-in-one glove, you can save time and money. It is great for cleaning dishes, glasses, cups, pots & pans as well as for windows, bathrooms and for general house cleaning. It also makes reaching all those hard-to-reach areas that much easier. Cleaning your household will never be the same with the patented and innovative GlovEasy.
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Do the dishes the easy way with GlovEasy, the new all-in-one glove with built-in sponge & scouring strips.

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