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While some may find it annoying but the constant reminders from mom is always something we are thankful for. At the back of our minds we do know the constant reminders to drink our milk, sleep early, take our bath, and much more is for our own good. That same principle of human mothers giving constant reminders is epitomized by the Mother & Motion Cookies.

Like dear old mom, the Mother & Motion Cookies take care of everything for you and it even doubles up as a security guard for your home. It has health and safety sensor that manages your fitness, well-being, comfort, and safety. It alerts you if someone breaks into your home. It reminds you to take your medicine at the designated time. It helps you monitor your activities and ensures that you accomplish your daily goals. These are just some of the applications where you can use this handy device.

The Mother & Motion Cookies is easy to use. All you have to do is link the Mother to your router, create an account, register the device, download the smartphone app, place batteries in the Motion Cookies and that’s it. Mother comes with 4 Motion Cookies in different colors.

Mother & 4 Motion Cookies

To connect to the Mother, simply switch each Cookie on and then shake it to be added to your account. You can use the Cookies for security, sleep monitoring, temperature monitoring, activity tracking, medication reminder and many more useful functions. Just choose the application from the software. Just place the Cookie sensor in the area you want to monitor and you are good to go.

The Mother & Motion Cookies can be configured to send notifications to you via SMS, voice call, or email. Just set it according to your preference. It comes with a replaceable battery with a life of 12 months on the average. No push button, synchronization, or pairing needed. At the end of it all, the Mother & Motion Cookies will help us value our mothers more.

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