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The Super Opener Multipurpose Opener all-in-one kitchen tool is the super tool that can replace your screw cap opener, bottle cap opener, jar opener, corkscrew, can sealer and bottle sealer. Not only does the Super Opener replaces all these kitchen tools, it does a better job than some of these tools as well.

For example, take the jar opener function. Traditional jar openers helps you open a tightly sealed vacuum jar by giving you more grip or leverage. However, you still need to provide enough torque to actually twist the jar lid off. A huge problem for a young child or an elderly person suffering from arthritis.

The Super Opener loosens the jar lid by releasing the pressure inside the jar. Once the pressure is released, all it takes is a simple twist to open the jar. The large gripping area of the Super Opener also makes it easy to twist open all kinds of bottle caps, big or small. With the corkscrew attachment, it can also be used for opening wine bottles. Of course, what opener is complete without a bottle cap opener? So yup, the Super Opener has that too.

Super Opener

Tired of damaging your nails from pulling on pull tabs on food cans and soda cans? Use the Super Opener to lift up the tab without the risk of breaking your nail.

Last but not least, the Super Opener has attachments that can be used for resealing an opened soda can and to re-cork an open wine bottle.

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