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Milk and cookies. The comfort food of generations and countless generations to come. There is nothing that brings more comfort and joy than eating cookies dunked in a glass of milk. Or is there? Dunking cookies just got better! The Milk and Cookie Shot Maker takes the concept of milk and cookies and turns it inside out by dunking the milk in the cookie. The cookie is made into the shape of of shot glass and you pour the milk into the cookie shot glass. Not only are they unique but they are absolutely perfect for a kids party.

The Milk and Cookie Shot Maker comes with everything that you need to make these awesome cookie shot glasses. Firstly, there is a silicone mold that lets you make six cookies at one go. The silicone mold is non-stick and easy to clean up after baking of batch of cookies.

Milk and Cookies Shot Maker

The set also comes with a chocolate melting station. The secret of the cookie shot glass is to coat the inside of the glass with a layer of chocolate. The hardened chocolate layer prevents the cookie shot glass from getting soggy and the milk from leaking through the cookie container. To serve your Milk and Cookie shots, just fill them up with milk and enjoy.

The best thing about Milk and Cookie shots? No cleaning up is required after you’re done.
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