Everything at home is getting connected to the internet nowadays from the TV to the alarm system to the baby monitor. So why not the egg tray? I am sure that everyone needs an internet connected egg tray that communicates with your smartphone to tell you how many eggs you have in the refrigerator and which ones are going to go bad soon so those are the ones you should use first. Otherwise, GE wouldn’t have come up with the Eggminder.

With the WiFi enabled Eggminder, you never need to wonder if you need to buy more eggs. The included free app allows you to check your egg inventory any time of the day and from anywhere in the world. The Eggminder is not cheap but we are very sure that if you are an egg lover, the Eggminder will quickly pay for itself as you no longer have eggs going bad on you or make emergency trips to the store for eggs. Also, think of all the time you save not having to count the eggs in the egg tray every morning.


Where to Buy Eggminder Internet Connected Egg Tray


Eggminder Internet Connected Egg Tray

This is a brand NEW cutting edge GE product that goes in your fridge and via a free smart phone app, it counts, it flashes red if an egg is old and needs to be thrown away, and it keeps a constant count on your quantity of eggs.

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