Duct Tape – The Solution for Everything


They say that there is no problem that the duct tape cannot fix. We are not sure if that statement is 100% true but judging from the overwhelming uses for duct tape that you can find on the Internet, we say that it is at least mostly true. If your wallet ever gets lost or stolen, we are very sure that duct tape can solve that problem as well. In fact, the solution to that problem may very well look like the Ducti Classic Duct Tape Wallet.

The Ducti Classic Duct Tape Wallet is a wallet made from duct tape. That’s right. On top of leather, canvas and other plastic materials, duct tape is now a raw material for making wallets. And why not? The Ducti Classic Duct Tape Wallet is extremely tough and water resistant as well. You can now boast that you lost your old wallet and instead of buying a new one, you just made one out of duct tape.

And if your Ducti Wallet ever wears out, it is covered by a lifetime warranty. Just return your wallet to Ducti and it will be replaced for free. All you have to pay is the shipping charges.



Where to Buy Ducti Classic Duct Tape Wallet


Ducti Classic Duct Tape Wallet

The Ducti Classic Duct Tape Wallet is made from the ever versatile and extremely tough duct tape and comes with lifetime warranty.

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