The iPhone 5/5s has a great camera but now you can make it even greater with the Olloclip for iPhone 5/5s. What the Olloclip does is to add a collection of 4 high quality clip-on camera lenses to the iPhone. The amazing thing is that you get all 4 different and very useful lenses on a single compact and pocketable accessory. The new Olloclip 4-in-1 lens is also an update of the original 3-in-1 version that was successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

First of all, we know there are a lot of other add-on camera lenses for the iPhone and many of them do cost less than the Olloclip. However, with the Olloclip, you are getting a high quality product made from aircraft grade aluminum and then anodized for both protection and aesthetic reasons. The lenses have also been improved upon over the original version providing clearer images with less distortion.

Olloclip for iPhone 5 lenses

The 4 lenses that come with the Olloclip are a fisheye lens that covers a near 180-degree view, a wide angle lens that approximately doubles the field of view, a 10x macro lens and a 15x macro lens. The macro lenses are accessible by removing the fisheye and wide angle lenses.

Mounting the Olloclip requires just slipping it over the iPhone’s camera. To use the other lenses, just flip it over or remove the outer lens. The lenses work with all of your favorite photo apps and it can also use for shooting video.



Where to Buy Olloclip for iPhone 5/5s


Olloclip for iPhone 5/5s

The Olloclip for the iPhone 5/5S includes a fisheye, wide angle and two different macro lenses to allow you to capture enhanced images and video.

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