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An endoscope is a flexible tube with a camera and light mounted on one of its ends. Its primary use is usually in the medical field where it is used to see inside the human body. With advancement in technology, you can now buy a wireless endoscope camera fairly cheaply for home use. Now, why would you want an endoscope at home. Lots of valid reasons as it turned out actually.

The wireless endoscope camera that we tried connects via WiFi to your smartphone. Why WiFi and not Bluetooth? WiFi provides a much more stable and reliable connection when transmitting video that consumes a lot of data. The range is also longer using WiFi. Your smartphone acts as a remote display for the camera.

The flexible tubing on the camera we got is about 12 feet long but you can get versions that are up to 50 feet long. The camera sensor is 5 MP but again different models have different specs. The camera has a fixed focal length of about 5 – 15 cm. It may take awhile for the camera to focus but you can get fairly clear images most of the time. The LED light provides lots of illumination even in very dark spaces. In fact, we find that the camera works best when the brightness is set to the lower levels.

So how do you make use of a wireless endoscope camera at home? If you are into DIY, it is great for sneaking peeks behind walls to check on wiring and supports. Funny noises in your piping? Blocked drains? Another great use for the camera. Car workshops make use of them for repair or inspection of engine blocks.

The wireless endoscope camera came with 3 different attachments that you may find useful. The first is a hook attachment. Great for pulling out a lost right for example. The magnet attachment is pretty useful too especially for finding lost magnetic items. Last but not least is a mirror that allows you to look at the sides. Haven’t really found a good use for this yet though.
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