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PasTEX Educational Spaghetti Building Toy

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What in the world is a Spaghetti Building Toy? Surprisingly, PasTEX is exactly what its description says. It is a STEM building or construction toy that uses dry spaghetti. It is somewhat similar to other construction toys like K’nex. However, instead making structures out of plastic construction parts, you use spaghetti as your building blocks.

The question is of course why spaghetti? We think that it is a brilliant idea. Dry spaghetti is easily available from most grocery stores and they are cheap. More importantly, you can easily customize the length of spaghetti sticks by simply breaking them by hand. No special tool is needed.

What the PasTEX building toy comes with is 100 pieces of special spaghetti connectors dubbed as Connectorz. The Connectorz allow any budding engineer to design and construct all kinds of engineering structures. You can snap spaghetti sticks into the connectors or slide them through the center hole.

With a little imagination and probably a whole lot of experimentation, you can build everything from simple shapes to soaring towers, spanning bridges and monumental marvels. All made from spaghetti.

Included in the package is an instruction guide to help you get started.
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PasTEX Connectorz is a STEM building toy designed specifically for building with dry spaghetti. Create an unlimited number of amazing spaghetti creations.

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