The Quirky Extension Cord Prop Power is another zany product from the zany folks at Quirky. Although I have never thought about it but just a single look at the product photo and I know that I want one. In fact I want a few as there are at least half a dozen places around the home that I can think of where the Quirky Extension Cord Prop Power will come in useful.

I want to plug this next to my bed so that I don’t have to reach down to the AC electrical outlet every time I want to swap out my chargers. It works as a great extension cord with 3 outlets. The flexible gooseneck conveniently wraps around just about anything on holds the socket outlets in place. You can wrap it around furniture legs or ladder steps. The extension cord itself is about 6 feet long.


Where to Buy Quirky Extension Cord Prop Power


Quirky Extension Cord Prop Power

Prop Power is an extension cord that brings power right where you need it. With flexible wiring housed within conforming plastic and a triple outlet head, Prop Power makes it so you never have to bend and search for a place to plug in your devices again.

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