Experience a Wallet Distilled to its Essentials


The Wally Bifold is yet another slim wallet but it has a couple of unique features that makes it stand out from the other minimalist wallets. The first is the pull tab feature. Remember those pop up books that you had as a kid? Remember the interactive tabs you pulled to make characters pop up from behind bushes or appear in windows? Wally Bifold incorporates the pull tabs into the Wally Bifold. Instead of popping characters, your cards pop out of the wallet instead.

Amazingly, the Wally Bifold can fit as many as 12 cards into a wallet that is half as thick as an ordinary wallet. It manages to accomplish this by storing all the 12 cards in just 2 separate compartments, 6 cards each. A normal wallet would usually come with at least half a dozen compartments, each adding considerable thickness to the wallet. To help you access the stored cards easily and quickly, you just pull the red tabs on the Wally Bifold. You don’t even have to open your wallet to access your cards.

While we live in a mostly cashless society, we can’t do completely without cash yet. On top of the 12 cards, the Wally Bifold lets you carry some cash for emergencies. Instead of having an extra pocket just for cash, the Wally Bifold cleverly adds a money clip instead. This clever design allows you to carry cash without adding any bulk to the wallet itself. Brilliant.



Where to Buy Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallet


Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallet

The Wally Bifold features a unique pull-tab design with interior money clip. This simplified construction eliminates excess materials that lead to bulky wallets, so you can carry up to 12 cards and US dollar bills in a wallet half the size (literally).

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