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Duffel bags are great for stuffing a lot of stuff and gear into. However, carrying all that gear using a handle or strap can become quite painful after a while. This is where the Arc’teryx Rolling Duffel V80 comes in. It bridges the gap between a duffel bag and a rolling suitcase by adding wheels to the duffel. The rather large diameter and durable wheels allow you to easily haul your fully packed duffel bag over a large range of terrains.

Of course, duffel bags with wheels are nothing new. What makes the Arc’teryx Rolling Duffel V80 notably different from the other roller duffel bags out there is the use of an external frame. Not only does this give the V80 a very stylish look but having an external frame means that there are no irregular spaces inside the bag that restricts your packing. It works and packs just like a regular duffel which is why most people pick a duffel over a suitcase in the first place.

The Arc’teryx Rolling Duffel V80 is water resistant with well sealed seams and zippers that keep away rain, dust, sand and other undesirables from contaminating your contents. The U-shaped zipper allows easy access to the entire bag. No more rummaging through the entire bag just to hunt for what you need. There are also loads of compartments both inside and outside for you to organize your things.

One nice aspect of the Arc’teryx Rolling Duffel V80 (and something that Arc’teryx is pretty good at) is replaceable parts. From the wheels to the frame, should any of these parts fail, you can have them replaced without replacing the entire bag.

The V80 is perfectly sized as a carry-on on flights. That said, it is still a fairly large bag that has 80 liters of space, more than enough for all the gear that you need for a great week-long adventure. For those who need something larger, there is also the 110 liter V110 shown in the video above.
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