Bored of your dull old flip flops? Now you can literally have the world at your feet with the Walk On Map Flip Flops. Featuring 3 unique designs, a map of the NYC subway, highlights of the Las Vegas strip or for those looking for something more exotic, a map of Tel Aviv, Israel.

If you happen to travel to any of these 3 places, you’ll never get lost as you have a handy map right at your feet. You might get some strange stares though when you consult your flip flops on your whereabouts.

The Walk On Map Flip Flops are made from comfortable and durable synthetic foam. They are great as fun gifts and it even comes with a bonus free keychain made from the same foam material.



Where to Buy Walk On Map Flip Flops


Walk On Map Flip Flops – Las Vegas

Walk across Las Vegas with these unique flip flops designed with the map of the Las Vegas strip

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Walk On Map Flip Flops – NYC

Walk across NYC with these unique Walk On Map Flip Flops designed with the map of the New York subway system. Buy from