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Turn Your Favorite Pair of Gloves into Touchscreen Gloves


AnyGlove is designed to solve a problem that plagues many people. All users of smartphone and tablet with capacitive touch screens know this problem; capacitive touch screens do not work when you are wearing gloves. You often end up removing your gloves to use your phone or tablet. This is something that most people will prefer not to do especially if all you want to do is answer a quick call.

There are many ways to solve this problem. You can use capacitive gloves. Or you can sew on conductive thread to your gloves. Or you can even stick capacitive stickers to the finger tips of your gloves. AnyGlove seems to have the easiest and best solution. It is a chemical solution that you can apply to almost any glove and make them work with a capacitive touch screen.

With AnyGlove, you don’t have to buy different capacitive gloves for different activities. You can turn most of your existing gloves into touchscreen gloves by just applying a few layers of the patent pending solution on the finger tips of the gloves.

Each bottle of AnyGlove has enough solution to treat multiple pairs of gloves. The treated gloves can last for months or even longer. If the treated gloves functionality fades away, you can always reapply AnyGlove.
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