The Sunergy Solar Powered Patio Umbrella is the only patio umbrella that is useful both day and night. In the day, this 9 feet in radius patio umbrella protects you from the sun, wind and rain. At the same time, its built-in solar panels soak up all the sunlight and recharges the included rechargeable batteries. At night, the batteries power up the 16 super bright, white led lights that looks truly gorgeous and perfect for a romantic night.

The Sunergy Solar Powered Patio Umbrella  is made from strong but lightweight polyester that is waterproof. The patio umbrella can be tilted for optimal directional shielding.  It comes with an easy-crank system that makes lowering and raising the umbrella an easy task. The led lights are controlled by a power switch. Switch them on only when you need them. After a full day of charging, the led lights can last up to 4 hours.



Where to Buy Sunergy Solar Powered Patio Umbrella


Sunergy Solar Powered Patio Umbrella

The Sunergy Solar Powered Patio Umbrella’s solar panels harness the sun’s energy to recharge the batteries by day that power 16 LED lights at night.

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