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Summer is fun but the scorching summer heat? Not so. Staying indoors and keeping the air conditioner on full blast is one solution but that will cause a huge increase in your electricity bill and it kinda sucks to have to spend summer in doors. Luckily, you can have your cake and eat it too with the Cobra Flexible Mistand, a brilliant device that lets you cool off outdoor in the summer heat and best of all, requires no electricity.

The Cobra Flexible Mistand can deliver welcome relief from the heat by generating an ultra-fine mist that cools outdoor temperature by as much as 20-degrees Fahrenheit. It works by simply attaching the device to a garden hose using an adapter and then turning on the water.

The Cobra Flexible Mistand creates a mist cloud with a coverage of up to 10 feet. Its body is flexible thus letting you to change the misting direction. The Mistand features two mist nozzles for maximum cooling effect.

The Cobra Flexible Mistand is not just for cooling you down as you laze outside. You can also use it to keep your pets cool, for watering your plants, while working in the yard, barbecue cookouts, and many other uses. It is designed to function even with low pressure systems.

The Cobra Flexible Mistand is portable so you can take that cooling mist with you wherever you go. Now you can keep your surroundings cool anytime with the Cobra Flexible Mistand.
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