The Dancing Icy Cool Skeleton


We had to add this one because it is absolutely hilarious. The Mr. Bones Skeleton Ice Tray is a skeleton frame and ice tray set made from food-safe silicone. Place the Mr. Bones frame in the special skeleton ice tray, fill it up and put it in the freezer. Once frozen, you have a icy cool skeleton with icy bone bits joined together by the silicone frame.

Drop Mr. Bones into your drink. Jiggle Mr. Bones and watch him do a delightfully macabre dance in your glass while he cools it down. Perfect for a Halloween party but we are sure that Mr. Bones will be a big hit at any kids party as well.


Where to Buy Mr. Bones Skeleton Ice Tray


Mr. Bones Skeleton Ice Tray

Mr. Bones knows how to chill. Jiggle him in your drink and feel the temperature drop all the way down to “perfect.”

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