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Space Saving Spiral Hanger Ideal for Small Balconies

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There is something about drying laundry under the sun that makes clothes feels and smells fresher. However, if you live in a small apartment with limited balcony space, drying your laundry under the sun is not always viable. Especially when it comes to big items like quilt covers and bed sheets. Worry not, for the Spiral Hanger is specially designed to solve this problem.

Instead of taking up an entire clothesline, the Spiral Hanger is a specially designed drying rack that takes up minimal space. It cleverly replaces a straight clothesline with one the spirals.

To use, just slip the cover or sheet into the hanger and move it along until it reaches the center of the spiral. Yes, it is a little more work compared to just draping over a straight clothesline. But it isn’t all that difficult or take that much longer.

The hanger comes in two designs; round and square spirals. We find the round one a little bit easier to use as you don’t have to bother about the angles. However, the square one has a longer “spiral arm” overall. That means it can accomodate slightly larger sheets compared to the round one. Other than this slight difference, both designs work just as well.
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The Spiral Hanger is the perfect way to dry bed sheets and quilt covers in small spaces. It can effectively prevent sheet and quilt folds too.

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