Lower your carbon footprint. Stop driving the car. Ride the URB-E instead.

The URB-E is a personal electric powered vehicle that looks like a cross between a bicycle and a Leatherman multi-tool. In fact, the URB-E even folds up and collapses like a Leatherman tool. The idea behind the URB-E is to have an electric powered commuter companion that can be used between other modes of transportation. For instance between your home and the subway station and between the station to your office. That is why the URB-E has been designed to be collapsible and be carried inside the train or bus or even the trunk of a car. This bike is the solution to the public transportation “last mile” problem.

URB-E Commuter

The bike comes in two different versions. The URB-E Commuter is a tricycle with two wheels at the back to provide better stability at low speeds. This version is more suited for travelling through crowded streets in a highly congested urban environment. The two rear wheels also serve as an easy way to roll the URB-E in the folded configuration.


The URB-E GP is the two wheeled version. It rides more like a bicycle, is more agile and is the much more fun version.

The bike is powered by a 10 Ah lithium ion battery. The URB-E has a range of about 20 miles on a full charge. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery. It is made from aircraft grade Aluminum and weighs 27 lbs. And like any modern age personal vehicle, the URB-E comes with a docking cum charging station for your smartphone.

The designers of the URB-E are seeking funding on crowd funding site, Indiegogo. They have already exceeded their target funding of $150,000 and they are aiming for a delivery in the Summer of 2014. The Indiegogo campaign is scheduled to end on April 10.

Via Indiegogo


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