The Nathan LightSpur is a simple device that helps keep athletes visible while on the road during the darker hours. It is an LED strip that you fasten around your heel at the back of your shoe.

We were a bit skeptical on how well the Nathan LightSpur will stay put while during vigorous running or cycling as it has no strap to hold it securely in place. It just looks like a hair band and relies on by just a few spikes on the inner surface of the band to hold it in place. Surprisingly, the LightSpur did not get dislodged and held on securely.

Nathan LightSpur

The Nathan LightSpur is waterproof and can be used during wet weather. It is lightweight and you probably won’t even realize they are there unless you look down. Lastly, the Nathan LightSpur can last up to 100 hours on a single set of batteries and the batteries are replaceable.



Nathan LightSpur Running Light


Nathan LightSpur Running Light

Whether running or biking, having this secure and lightweight Nathan LightSpur LED light will help you stay seen and safe.

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