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The humble jump rope is probably one of the most efficient exercise tools ever created. It did not have started out as an exercise tool and it is not well regarded compared to more sophisticated and much more expensive exercise equipment. However, using a jump rope works out the muscles in your leg, shoulders, abs and just about every major muscle group. The neglected jump rope is about to become cool again with the Smart Rope from Tangram Factory.

The jump rope has a major advantage over many other popular exercise equipment. It is light, portable and it is an anywhere, anytime and any weather piece of equipment. Rainy day? Don’t have time to go to the gym? A moderate pace 30 minute workout session using the jump rope burns 480 calories.

The Smart Rope transforms the jump rope into a modern and high tech piece of exercise equipment by helping you keep count of your jumps and automatically tracking your workouts by communicating with the specially created Smart Gym app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The pièce de résistance is the incorporation of embedded 23 LED lights into the Smart Rope. These LED lights flashes out your jump count right in front of your eyes in real time as you jump. This is not a really essential feature as far as exercising and tracking is concern but it sure looks cool and is bound to turn quite a few heads. If you prefer, you can set the display to show your total calories burnt with each jump instead.

The Smart Gym app does much more than just keeping track of your workouts with the Smart Rope. It keeps you motivated by providing you with recommended interval sessions, unlock awards and lets you know how you are doing compared to your friends. This is quite a helpful feature as it is hard to judge your progress with jumping rope plus it is a solitary activity that requires motivation.

To fit different physiques, the Smart Rope is available in 5 different sizes or rope lengths.
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