Do your part for the environment. Don’t add more plastic to the landfill. Dress up your iPhone with the Chipster Recycled iPhone 5 Wallet/Case, the only iPhone 5 case cum slim wallet that is handcrafted from 100% recycled chipboard.

Each Chipster Recycled iPhone case is hand made by scoring and folding chipboard to snugly fit your iPhone 5. No glue is used in the construction of the case. At the back of the phone is a compartment for storing up to 4 credit cards plus some cash. A handy pull tab lets you easily access the content in the wallet compartment.

Customize your case by putting your own designs on the case. Make both a lifestyle and fashion statement with this unique iPhone 5 case.



Where to Buy Chipster Recycled iPhone 5 Wallet/Case


Chipster Recycled iPhone 5 Wallet/Case

This handcrafted iPhone case is made from 100% recycled chipboard.

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