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Keeping your phone and other electronic devices charged while traveling in the backcountry has always been a predicament. One solution is to use them sparingly and bringing extra power banks but power banks are heavy and take up too much space. Another method that has gained popularity is to use portable solar panels. The Estream is yet another possible solution is you happen to have running water nearby.

The Estream is yet another great idea that has become reality thanks to a successful crowdsourcing campaign. It is a hydroelectric generator that generates renewable energy with the help of running water such as a river or a stream. Most backpackers who are living off the grid usually set up camp beside a river as a source of water. With the Estream, the river can supply you both water and green energy for charging your devices and keeping your camp lighted.

The best thing about the Estream is its portability. It can easily fit into any backpack. It has a cylindrical shape and three foldable turbine blades on one end. To use, just unfold the blades, hook the generator to a tether and drop it into running water. The flow of the water will rotate the turbine and generate power to charge the attached rechargeable battery.

It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge the 6,400 mAh battery. That is a whole lot faster than using solar panels, especially portable sized solar panels that can fit in your backpack. The battery pack is swappable. Just swap with a spare battery and you can charge and use at the same time.

The 6,400 mAh battery has enough juice to fully charge most phones 2 to 3 times. Of course you are not limited to charging just your phone. You can charge just about anything that recharges via USB like your GoPro, tablet or LED flashlight. Another handy use for the Estream is that it also doubles as a lantern. There is easily enough power to light the lantern throughout the entire night.

As long as you have running water, you can easily and effortlessly recharge the Estream. Day or night. Rain or shine. It doesn’t matter. It even charges while you sleep. Before you leave for your trip, you can fully charge the Estream from an outlet.
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