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Onanoff Sound Cover Boosts iPad Air Volume by 400%

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The Apple iPad Air is great for doing many things but producing great audio is not one of them. The built-in speakers are not bad but they are far from great. Most iPad users resort to using a good pair of headphones when they want good quality audio. Some resort to carrying along a good Bluetooth speaker. Now, there is an easier and better option to get great audio from your iPad without carrying along an extra accessory – the Onanoff Sound Cover for the iPad Air.

The Onanoff Sound Cover actually has 3 functions. It is a cover that provides additional protection from falls and scratches. It also has a stand function that props up the iPad ideal for viewing movies. The way the stand works is similar to the Surface as it uses a flip out kickstand that folds into the cover itself. Last but not least, the kickstand houses two NXT flat panel stereo speakers that produce clear, room-filling sound. Compared to the iPad Air’s built-in speakers, you are looking at about 400% boost in volume.

The speakers connect to the iPad via Bluetooth and it has its own built-in rechargeable 3300 mAh battery. Fully charged, the battery can power the speakers for about 15 hours, more than enough to rock the night away.

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Where to Buy Onanoff Sound Cover for iPad Air

The Onanoff Sound Cover is an iPad stand and cover with built-in flat panel stereo speakers, offering powerful, high quality sound, that boosts your iPad’s volume by up to 400%.

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