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Does your favorite beer come from your favorite brewpub and not in a beer bottle? Do you wish that you can bring that favorite microbrew along with you to parties, BBQs and tailgates? With the uKeg pressurized growler from GrowlerWerks, now you can.

Your standard glass growler is currently your only option for carrying freshly brewed beer back from the brewpub. However, they are fragile and don’t travel well. Furthermore the beer quickly goes flat once you open it and air gets in. The uKeg is designed to solve all these problems and bring you the freshest beer possible away from the pub.

First of all, the uKeg has a vacuum insulated double wall made from stainless steel. The vacuum insulation keeps the beer nice and cold for hours. The stainless steel construction makes this growler tougher than any glass growler out there. The uKeg comes in two different sizes, half gallon or a full gallon. Both sizes are designed to fit in your refrigerator. The larger growler can fill eight 16 oz pints. It is perfect for parties and BBQs. Both are equally portable and easy to transport about.

To keep the beer from going flat even after you open it, the uKeg uses a pressure regulator cap. To provide the pressure, it uses a food grade CO2 canister. You can set your preferred carbonation level by adjusting the dial on the cap. The regulator maintains the desired pressure automatically. A pressure gauge at the bottom lets you confirm the setting. A single CO2 cartridge can keep your beer fresh for up to 4 weeks.

The growler even comes with an interchangeable tap handle for dispensing your beer. The tap has a lock to ensure no leakages during transportation.  Last but not least, a sight glass on the side lets you check the beer content level without opening the growler cap.

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