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Yay Labs SoftShell Play Ball that also Makes Ice Cream

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The Yay Labs SoftShell Ice Cream ball is a bright blue playing ball that looks like something that might come out of a Fisher Price catalog. However, unlike any playing ball ever produced by Fisher Price (and we are sure they produced plenty), the Yay Labs SoftShell ball makes ice cream as you play with the ball. We kid you not.

The Yay Labs SoftShell is a soft sided ball and an ideal plaything for young kids and toddlers. Before passing the ball to the young ones, you fill up one end of the ball with ice cream mixture and other flavorings while ice and rock salt goes into the other end of the ball. Let the kiddos play around with the ball for about 20 minutes and the ice cream should be just about ready.

What better way to enjoy a nice bowl of ice cream than after 20 minutes of tiring playtime? The Yay Labs SoftShell ball has easy-open handles to open up the ball for serving the ice cream. Makes about 1 pint of ice cream each time. Play ball and ice cream. For kids, that is like a match made in heaven.

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Yay Labs SoftShell ball makes approximately one pint of home-made ice cream with about 20 minutes of active play.

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