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First things first. The makers of Prynt calls it a phone case but it is way too big. A smartphone with this case will not fit into any pocket. What it actually is in reality is a portable photo printer that docks with your phone. Portable printers for smartphones are not new. We have even reviewed a couple right here. What these printers do is essentially turn your smartphone into a modern version of the Polaroid camera.

However, the Prynt Case has another trick up its sleeve. It prints moving pictures like those you see in the Harry Potter movies. Well, not exactly true but you do get an augmented reality version of moving pictures.

Here is how it works. You take a photo plus a short video clip that goes along with the image. Prynt lets you print out a photo of that image. At the same time, the video gets linked to the still image. The magic happens when you scan the printed photo using the Prynt app. The photo come to life with the linked video. The effect is just like the animated photos in the Harry Potter movies. Except that you are viewing them through your phone.

We have to admit that there are much better and easier ways to share a photo and a video. But watching someone else’s reaction when they see the effect is priceless. It would make sharing photos from events such as weddings, baby showers or even your last vacation so much more interesting. One thing is for sure though, those photos and videos are going to be viewed. Until the novelty wears off, that is.

Like the other portable photo printers, Prynt uses ZINK photo paper. ZINK printers do not need ink cartridges. They use a heating process to create the colors on ZINK paper that has a special coating. However, ZINK paper refills do cost quite a bit more compared to normal photo paper. The good thing is that you can order the refills right from the Prynt app itself.
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