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Sleep monitoring devices are not new. Most activity trackers also double up as sleep monitoring devices. However, sleep monitors don’t do much beyond letting you know how long you slept. Some let you track both light sleep and deep sleep. Sense by Hello goes beyond just simple monitoring. With its myriad of sensors it also monitors your sleeping environment. Over time, it can advise you on how you can get a better night’s sleep.

Sense is actually a 3-in-1 system. It consists of a sleep monitor, a smart alarm and a sound machine. There are two parts to the device, namely the Sense monitor device and the Sleep Pill motion tracking device. The Sense monitor sits on your bedside table. It has advanced sensors that monitors light, sound, temperature, humidity and air quality. These factors affects your quality of sleep throughout the night.

If any of these factors disrupt your sleep during the night, the Sense monitor will notify you the next morning. Learn how minor interruptions affected your sleep so that you can hopefully do something about it. By making changes to your sleep environment, Sense hopes to improve your sleep quality.

The Sleep Pill is a small high precision accelerometer about the size of a quarter that monitors your movements while you sleep. If your sleep is restless and you move around a lot, the Sleep Pill will be able to sense that and inform you in the morning. The beauty of the system is that you don’t even have to wear it. The Sleep Pill clips on to your pillow. Each Sense monitor can support up to two Sleep Pills. Both you and your partner can have your own personalized sleep report.

The accompanying app provides a very detailed sleep report. It is like having someone observing you sleeping the entire night except that it is not as creepy. You will even receive a personalized Sleep Score from the app. Use the score and the report to judge your sleep quality.

Sense can help you drift off to sleep by playing soothing ambient sounds. These sounds help calm you down and to mask other disruptive noises.

Last but not least, the Smart alarm feature allows the system to choose the ideal time to wake you up. Waking up during your light sleep cycle lets you wake up feeling fresh and rested instead of groggy.

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