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You may have heard of Nest, the wonder smart gadget that connects the thermostat to the internet and saves money by reducing heating cost. The Ambi Climate is a similar gadget but it works with your AC instead. It will work with most existing AC units as long as it works with an IR remote control which is just about every AC unit out there.

Setting up Ambi Climate is as easy as setting it up within range of the IR receiver of the AC unit. The gadget itself is inconspicuous and it looks kinda like an air freshener so you can easily blend it in on a shelf or a table top. Using it is even easier as all you have to do is to tell the controller if the temperature is “too hot” or “too cold”. This can be done using the free app for your smartphone. Over time, Ambi Climate will learn about your temperature preference and will adjust the AC accordingly and automatically to suit your preference. No more fiddling with the AC remote whole day or night long to get the climate just right.

Since most ACs have their own temperature sensors, why do you need Ambi Climate? Personal comfort is much more than just a magical temperature number. Our bodies’ comfort also depends on other factors such as the weather outside, humidity level and even body metabolism. That is why the temperature may feel just right as you fall asleep but much too cold for comfort when you wake up. To set the temperature just right, Ambi Climate uses its built-in motion, sunlight, temperature and humidity sensors while connecting to the internet to download the latest weather pattern to determine how to control the temperature.

Having an AC that is connected to the cloud also means that you can control your AC from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. You can notify Ambi Climate that you will be reaching home soon so that it can turn on the AC and cool down your home before you get home. Worried if you left your AC running while on vacation? No worries. Just check using the app and switch it off with just a touch of a button.

By preventing over cooling, Ambi Climate saves energy and saves you money. It will literary pay for itself in a short period. Reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time.

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