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With a name like AFO Fireball, you would expect it to be some pyrotechnic gadget that creates a huge ball of fire. In reality, it does just the opposite as the acronym AFO stands for Auto Fire Off. Weird sounding acronym aside, the AFO Fireball is an ingenious device that is a super easy to use fire extinguisher, auto fire suppression system and fire alarm all literally rolled into one.

About the size of a bowling ball, the AFO Fireball contains ABC class dry powder that instantly puts out most fires before they can spread. The ball weighs about 3 lbs and can be handled by even children. A standard fire extinguisher weighs about ten times more and has a complicated safety mechanism that has to be removed before it can be used.

To use the AFO Fireball, you don’t have to get close to the fire. Just stand a safe distance away and then toss or roll the ball into the flames. The heat from the flames will activate an activation strip on the ball within 3 to 5 seconds and causes it to burst open and release the non-toxic flame retardant chemical to put out the fire within an area of between 86 to 107 square feet.

While the ball bursts in a huge plume of dust, there is actually no danger from the dispersal process itself. Even if you happen to be standing close to the AFO Fireball when it activates, the worst that can happen is that you will be covered with the flame non-toxic retardant agent.

Besides being an alternative to a heavy and difficult to use fire extinguisher, the AFO Fireball can also be used as an automatic fire suppression system like a fire sprinkler system. Just place the ball in fire prone area like above a kitchen stove , above an electrical switch board or in a storage warehouse that contains combustible goods. It comes with a specially designed stand that prevents it from rolling off on its own. When there is a fire, the activation strip will trigger the AFO Fireball and at the same time, it will emit a loud alarm that will alert people within the vicinity that a fire has triggered the device.

The AFO Fireball is designed to be maintenance free and it has life span of 5 years. Compare this to a standard fire extinguisher that requires annual servicing and refilling. This saves both time and money plus it is also hassle free. It is suitable for use on all kinds of fires including Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (Flammable liquid) spills and Class C (energized electrical fires).
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