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Taking out the trash is a dirty job but somebody has to do it. Sure, there are trash cans out there with auto lids so that you don’t have to touch the bin. But when it comes to sealing and changing the full trash bag, you don’t have a choice but to get your hands dirty. All that is about to change with the Townew smart garbage bin.

Like many high-tech trash cans, the Townew garbage bin opens and closes automatically. This is thanks to a motorized lid with motion sensor. The lid also comes with a sealing system that prevents any odors from escaping. However, what takes this smart trash can a step further is its self-sealing and self-changing system.


When you want to take out the trash, just press and hold the button at the front of the bin. The Townew smart bin uses thermoplastic sealing to automatically and neatly seal the trash bag. All you have to do is remove the sealed bag. No touching the bin and no mess.

Once the bag has been removed, a new bag is automatically deployed in its place. Again, the smart bin does this all without you laying a single finger on it. A suction fan inside the bin expands the new bag to fill out the interior. Neat!

The replacement bags are stored in a replacement refill ring. Each ring holds 25 to 28 trash bags. Why the range? This is because instead of individual bags, the system cuts and seals the bag. Depending on how full the bags are, each bag can be a little different size. If you take out the trash every day, each refill ring should last about a month.

Other features of this smart bin include an overload sensor. If it detects the bin is overloaded, it automatically lifts the entire top compartment while sealing the trash bag. This prevents any spillage due to an overfilled bin.

The Townew bin is powered by a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. With normal use, the battery is expected to last about a month.
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