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Ever had a panic attack due to a wardrobe malfunction and not having the necessary sewing skills? Just keep a bottle of Tear Mender handy for such emergencies. What is Tear Mender? It is a latex-based adhesive that acts like a super glue for fabric, leather and vinyl. If you got a tear, split seams or if stitches become undone, just glue it back together. No sewing skills required.

Tear Mender is made from all-natural non-toxic special formula. The bond it forms is permanent but yet flexible and totally waterproof. Fixed garments can be immediately worn after 3 minutes as the curing is almost instantaneous. After fifteen minutes of application, you can even wash it and the bond will remain intact.

It is very easy to use Tear Mender. Just squeeze out the adhesive and apply on the fabric. You can even use your fingers as it does not harm your skin and it will not stick to hard surfaces. If it dries up on your skin, just rub the glue until it balls up.

Because the bond is waterproof, Tear Mender can be used in outdoor applications. You can use it to mend vinyl tarps, rain gear, inflatables, camping and other outdoor gear. It is also great for quickly fixing leather shoes, purses, upholstery, bean bags and luggage bags.

Although we have not tried it, we think that Tear Mender will be great for craft work that uses fabrics and leather. Instead of wasting time sewing, you can probably stick together an artwork or a costume in just a fraction of the time.
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