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Vacuum sealing is a revolutionary new way to store food for longer periods while maintaining its freshness. No wonder it is taking the country by storm. Up till now, the only method to vacuum pack for storage in the kitchen is by using vacuum bags and some sort of vacuum sealer system. However, it is a time consuming process and the vacuum bags are usually disposable and can cost quite a lot on the long run. The vacuum sealer system itself is not cheap either. The Vacuvita system on the other hand does away with the bags and storing your food in vacuum consists of nothing more than opening the container and placing your food in it.

The main component of the Vacuvita system is the Home Base which has what it calls Easy Access Storage. With the touch of a button, the Home Base’s cover opens up automatically and all you need to do is just place your food inside and touch the button again. The cover closes and the built-in vacuum pump sucks out all the air to create a vacuum storage inside the container. The Home Base itself look like a really sleek cooler box from the future with its brushed metal trimming and glowing blue LED indicator light.

The Vacuvita Home Base built-in storage is pretty voluminous at about 2 gallons. However, what if you needed to refrigerate your vacuumed food as well? The system itself is too large to fit into a refrigerator of course but the system can be expanded by adding on extra vacuum containers. These are container boxes that comes in 3 different sizes that you can vacuum by connecting them to the Home Base’s vacuum pump. They also have a see-through strip on the side so that you can easily see what is stored inside without opening them up and breaking the vacuum seal.

If you like, you can use vacuum sealing bags as well. These are similar to the vacuum bags used by other vacuum systems but like the vacuum containers, you hook them up to the Vacuvita Home Base to suck out the air inside. While we don’t see the advantage of using the bags since they involve just as much hassle as the other systems, the bags are great for sous vide cooking though.

Wait, that’s not all. What is a futuristic vacuum sealing container without an app of its own, right? The Vacuvita system comes with an app that lets you keep track of what is placed in the container. With a quick glance at the app, you can check what you have inside and when you should consume the food by to ensure zero wastage.

Every year, consumers throw away about 30% of the food they buy because they go bad. Storing food in vacuum extends food shelf life by up to five times! That means eating healthier, less wastage and more savings.
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