The TogetherFarm Blocks kit is a modular, interlocking block system for building custom raised beds for gardening. Think giant-sized Lego. The blocks look like Lego, work like Lego, made of multi-colored plastic like Lego, but each block is the size of an actual brick.

The idea for the TogetherFarm Blocks is to make gardening easier for urban folks by building their own custom sized raised beds. You can customize the size, the shape and the height required using the blocks to build a wall. Alternatively, each block can be a pot of its own by turning it upside down. You can also creatively stack up the individual pots using the interlocking system.

TogetherFarm Blocks

The TogetherFarm Blocks is the result of a successful Kickstarter project and are made from recycled food-grade plastic.


Where to Buy TogetherFarm Blocks


TogetherFarm Blocks

Togetherfarm Blocks are a modular, interlocking raised bed garden box system made from recycled food-grade plastic (the same plastic used for yogurt containers). The Blocks are designed to make gardening easier and more accessible to all.

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