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Slow smoking is one of the best ways to cook. Smoking produces tender and juicy meats that fall off the bone plus it has that unique smoky flavor. However, the entire smoking process can be a laborious task. It involves constantly checking the temperature, tending the fire and refilling wood chips. Some people pride themselves on being able to perfect the process. We prefer to let the Orion Cooker do all the hard work while we just kick back and relax.

The Orion Cooker is a revolutionary cooker that produces moist and tender smoked meat without the wait. More importantly, with this cooker, smoking is a fire and forget process. Once started, you don’t have to do anything until the cooking is done.

What makes the Orion Cooker special is that it simultaneously steams, smokes and roasts at the same time. The heat comes from burning charcoal that are placed in a bottom ring and a top ring. The heat from both the top and the bottom causes the hot air to circulate inside the cooking cylinder. No mechanical fan is required.

The meat inside the cooking cylinder is isolated from the charcoal. Only indirect heat is used for cooking. Moisture from the meat that drips down turns into steam that helps with the cooking process. Last but not least, wood chips can be added around the drip pan to create smoke for the smoking process.

The cooking cylinder is completely sealed so almost no steam or smoke escapes. Therefore you don’t have to add water or additional chips as the cooker cooks. This makes the cooking process maintenance free.

There is plenty of cooking space inside the cooking cylinder. You can easily fit 2 whole chickens or 6 racks of ribs.

The sealed system also reduces the cooking time greatly compared to conventional cooking methods. For example, cooking 6 racks of ribs takes about 1 hour 15 minutes on the Orion Cooker. A traditional smoker will require at least 5 hours.

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