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Fire pits are fun. Firstly, they provide warmth. They provide heat for cooking. They are great when you outside in the cold. However, fire pits traditionally are dirty, smokey and heavy. And worst of all, leave permanent scars on the earth beneath them. The Pop-Up Fire Pit by Campfire Defender Protect Preserve is the first truly portable fire pit that solves all the problems with a traditional fire pit.

When we said portable, we really mean portable. The Pop-Up Fire Pit packs smaller than a camp chair. It weighs just 8 lbs and come with its own drawstring carrying bag for easy transportation.

Don’t let the small package size fool you as when set up, the fire pit measures an outstanding 24″x24″. You can build a fairly large fire. Certainly more than enough to keep an entire group of people warm.

Included with the Pop-Up Fire Pit is a stainless steel mesh that acts as the base of the fire pit. The great thing about the mesh is that it allows air to be drawn in from underneath the pit as the hot air above the pit rises. This creates a much more efficient and hotter fire compared to a standard fire pit on the ground. Incredibly, the hotter fire produces up to 80% less smoke.

To set up, first unfold and fully extend the frame. Then slide in the 4 ember guards. Lastly insert the steel mesh bottom. The whole process takes less than 60 seconds.

Another great feature is the optional fire shield. With the fire shield installed, the heat under the pit is just slightly warmer than the surrounding. That means you can place the Pop-Up Fire Pit on a plastic table, on top of your lawn or on your wooden deck. You don’t have to worry about the fire damaging the surface underneath.

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