The Phone Case With a Built-in Light Show


We have said it before and we will say it again. If you are going to encase your smartphone with a cover, make sure that it does more than just protect your phone. If you are going to add bulk to the phone, it might as well add a little more functionality. We are not entirely sure yet about the functionality part, but the Equalizer iPhone 5 Hard Case definitely does something else other than just add protection.

Trust the Japanese to add a fully functioning LED equalizer to a iPhone case that actually responses to background music and noises or you can supply the beat from the iPhone itself. It is powered by its own replaceable batteries so it does not drain your iPhone batteries.

The equalizer LEDs cover almost the entire back surface of the case. Slap on the Equalizer iPhone 5 Hard Case and be the life of the dance floor …. hopefully.


Where to Buy Equalizer iPhone 5 Hard Case


Equalizer iPhone 5 Hard Case

Works with music and general background noise. Eye-catching bright lights. Lights fluctuate with music to match sounds/vibrations. Shipped directly from Japan.

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