The Dock That Apple Should Have Made in the First Place


Sometimes, a great product doesn’t need state-of-the-art technology or outstanding features. Sometimes, all it needs is a deeper understanding of what makes a product work and what users want. There must be a million iPhone docks out there currently. From the simple ones that charge your iPhone to those that incorporate high-end speakers that cost a mint. When ElevationLab set out to design the Elevation Dock for the iPhone, all they wanted was a dock that allowed the iPhone be inserted and removed singled handedly and for the dock to fit the iPhone even if it is housed in a case.

Keeping in mind Apple’s mantra of keeping it simple, they did this by machining the dock out of a solid block of aluminum. The weight of the block holds the dock down and friction pads at the bottom keeps it from sliding around. To fit iPhones with cases, they added a movable support pad that can be adjusted to fit most cases.

With the Elevation Dock 2 for iPhone, there are no gimmicks. All you get is a beautifully crafted iPhone dock made from aluminum with a classy finishing. Wired magazine has called it the dock that Apple should have made in the first place. High praise indeed but definitely well deserved.


Where to Buy Elevation Dock 2 for iPhone 5/5s/5c


Elevation Dock 2 for iPhone 5/5s/5c

Easy, one-handed undocking. It won’t budge with its heavy weight and NanoPad underside. Works with cases.

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