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Do you miss the nostalgic days of hanging out at the local gaming arcade? It was loud, had sticky floors and the games gobbled up your entire weekly allowance in minutes but it was the best fun you ever had. The Cyber Arcade is a miniaturized version of the classic arcade cabinet designed to look just like those you used to remember. All you have to do now is to supply the loud noises and sticky floors and you are almost back in arcade haven.

Games today are flashier with Hollywood-like production values plus you can play them at the comfort of your own living room but you just can’t beat the arcade atmosphere of yore or the thrill of classic arcade games. You can bring back some of those memories with the Cyber Arcade console.

It comes packed with 240 classic games or rather generic versions of the classic games you remembered. At just $25, it would be too much to ask for the original licensed versions. Squint your eyes a bit and you won’t be able to tell you are not playing the original Galaga, Raiden, Gradius, Defender, Frogger, Popeye, Bomberman, Arkanoid, Donkey Kong, Joust, Dig Dug or dozens of other games. There are even a few that were not recognizable or perhaps even original games.

The best part is other than the original $25 you need to part with, it won’t cost you a single extra cent to play through each of the 240 games.

The Cyber Arcade stands just 6 inches tall and has a tiny 2.5 in color LED screen. It comes complete with nice cabinet design and graphics of a (non-working) coin slot and coin return button. The joystick and buttons are tiny replicas of the originals found on arcade cabinets but they are surprisingly playable. It runs on 3 AA batteries and each set should last a few hours of playing.
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