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Have you ever suffered the discomfort of ear pressure when flying? You may have even tried all the recommended methods to get rid of it such as chewing gum, sucking on candy or yawning. Personally, yawning works for me but it is not every time that I can yawn on demand. Some people just live with it but for young children, it can be especially uncomfortable and causes anxiety to the parents who are unable to help. Fortunately, we now have the EarPopper.

The EarPopper is the only clinically proven ear-popping device that can be used by both adults and children. It is easy to use and it takes just seconds to cure discomforting ear pressure. To administer, just press the device against one of your nostrils, while blocking the other with your finger. Then switch on the EarPopper and then swallow. That’s it.

What the ear-popping device does is to deliver a safe, constant stream of air into your nose. The action of swallowing opens up the Eustachian tube that connects your nose to your middle ear. The pressurized air is diverted through this open passage and thus evens up the pressure on both sides of your ear thus relieving you of ear pressure.

If you have problems swallowing, the advice is to keep a mouthful of water and swallow that when using the device.

For those who have are frequent flyers or have young children who suffer from ear pressure, the EarPopper is a godsend device.
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