Put Out Fires Without Putting Yourself at Risk


Let’s be honest. If there is a fire in your home or the building you are in, would your first instinct be to pick up the fire extinguisher and try and put out the fire? All of us at one time or another have gone through a fire drill which also includes instructions on how to operate a fire extinguisher but who remembers which extinguisher is used for what kind of fire and the steps for operating one?

Now, what if the fire extinguisher is like something right out a video game where all you have to do to put out the fire is to throw it into the fire? The Throwable Fire Extinguisher is what all fire extinguishers should be like. No more figuring how to operate it. Just throw the fire extinguisher like a Molotov cocktail at the fire from a distance without putting yourself at risk and get out quickly if necessary.

The Throwable Fire Extinguisher comes in a special plastic breakable container. Inside the container is a liquid chemical that is 10 times more effective than water in putting out fires. The container is packed inside a special pouch that protects the fire extinguisher as it is very fragile and will break if dropped.



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Throwable Fire Extinguisher

The Throwable Fire Extinguisher is a reverse Molotov cocktail. Put out a fire by throwing the fire extinguisher into the fire. Buy from Fancy.com