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Here is a really cool way to add both AC power and USB charging outlets to a home office desk, conference table, cabinet, kitchen counter top, craft table or even your bedroom side table. The Retractable Pull-Up Power Tap Grommet is flush with the table top when not in use keeping your table top need and tidy. When you need to charge or power your laptop or smartphone, just flip up the folded handle, pull up the power socket and fold the socket over.

The Retractable Pull-Up Power Tap Grommet provides you with a total of 4 power outlets and 2 USB DC 5V 2.1A charging ports. The USB charging ports are high powered ports that can be used to charge larger devices like an iPad. With this handy power outlet, you can charge your laptop, tablet, phone, camera and more, all at the same time. To protect your devices against surge spikes, the device comes with 3-line surge protection (2100 Joules).  There is a green LED indicator for the surge protection.

Retractable Pull-Up Power Tap Grommet

If your desk or table already has an existing 2.5″ grommet for your cables to run through, installing the Retractable Pull-Up Power Tap Grommet is real easy. Just removing the existing grommet and replace it with the Power Tap Grommet. Then just connect it to the mains. It comes with an 8 foot extension cord.

If you don’t have an existing hole to mount the Power Tap Grommet, you will need to cut the circular 2.5″ holes yourself or get someone to help you do it.
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